On behalf of the El Paso Climbers Club, welcome to Hueco Tanks State Historic Park.


The EPCC asks that you observe the following guidelines, in order to insure continued access to Hueco Tanks. Please remember that the primary purpose of Hueco Tanks is to preserve the archaeological and historic treasures found here - NOT rock climbing! Climbing at Hueco is NOT a right, it is a privilege that can be taken away at a moments notice. Please help us keep the park open for climbing !


* Learn and Obey ALL park regulations.


* DO NOT use colored chalk. Use only pure Magnesium Carbonate - all other      substances such as rosin or other chemicals are forbidden.


* Pick up trash! The EPCC expects EVERY climber to pick up some trash on each      visit.


* Don't litter ! This includes tape wads and cigarette butts! Keep an eye on other      climbers - if you see them littering or violating any park regulation, jump on their      case!


* Stay away from rock art sites unless you have a backcountry use permit that           specifies which sites you are going to. The entire situation regarding rock art      sites is too sensitive to risk a casual visit.


* Do not "clean" routes by pulling off rock that you have decided is  loose and      dangerous. Because Hueco is NOT a recreational park, but a Historic park,      climbers cannot alter, chip, glue or tamper with the shape of the rocks in any      way. If you think a route has dangerous loose rock, don't climb it !


* Avoid trampling vegetation - walk on rocks where possible, don't blaze new trails, don't break branches or clear vegetation to access a climb. If the base of a climb or boulder has become overgrown, consider an alternate start or don't do the climb!


Each of us is an ambassador to the world for all climbers. Our actions reflect on all climbers - help make climbers look good!