2.24.1996, Rock Rodeo contest day. This is one of the best problems in the park for regular mortals.

Greg Burns watches Fred Nakovic spotting Mike Lewis on Three-Star Arete in the Dragon's Den.

The Bimbo's, which includes this problem, are now closed. They closed them because of "erosion" of the base area of the climbs. What a crock. Ever seen the Grand Canyon? Why is erosion there OK, but not here? The Access Fund and the EPCC would have built a trail and a pad here in the early '90s, but the TPWD kept balking. While the TPWD may not have actually wanted the erosion to happen, they sure seemed to do absolutely nothing until the "only choice" was to close it.

I worked on Three-Star for over 3 years before I could coax my fat-boy self up it. I became an expert at down-climbing it, 'cause over and over I would get to the crux and chicken out. The pride I felt when I finally pulled over was incredible. Then came the enjoyment of having it wired and being able to send it on command. Three-Star is one of the best problems on planet Earth.