Hueco Tanks Climbing History Timeline
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Super-Expert Rules Sheet We miss you , Dave! July 1998 BS 1997 Pete's Parking Lot 1993 Rock Rodeo Poster, problem list Rock Rodeo 1998 Flyer Rock Rodeo 2003 flyer December 1992 "rules" handout Sport Climbing Connection Magazine RR 1991 Article by Susan Hiller November 13 '92 EPCC letter to TPWD Gangs hit Cave Kiva Albert, driven mAd by tight pink lycra, solos Wyoming Cowgirl Big Bang Large-scale structure of the cosmos Origins of the Solar System Cryptic Era Oldest Rocks are in Australia Oldest Minerals - Nasa article Nature article on Late Heavy Bombardment period of the early Solar System Nectarian Period Eoarchean Period A cool early Earth? Paleoarchean Period Neoarchean Period Sudbury Basin Impact Orosirian Period Snow-ball Earth - oceans freeze down to the bottom! Furongian Period The Cambrian Explosion of Species Ordovician Period Silurian Period Sharks! The Perfect Eating Machine Mississippian Epoch Pennsylvanian Epoch National Geographic Article on Permian Extinction Permian Period Triassic Period Jurassic Period Cretaceous  Period Cretaceous ... Cenzoic Periods Chicxulub impact crater Paleocene Epoch Eocene Epoch Hueco Geology Exhibit at Hueco Tanks Oligocene Epoch Miocene Epoch Pliocene Epoch Ice Age! Finally - Civilization! Livin' Large with tools! Some of these guys still climb at Hueco Nice PDF on early Texas Indians Rock Art photos Desert Archaic - just hangin in the desert, Man! Bob Miles, former Super at Hueco, wrote this nice summary EPCC Letter to Carolina Ramos, 2.11.1993 James Crump Letter to TPWD February 7, 1995 Public Meeting Notice 2.17.1998 EPCC meeting notice 10.30.1991 Fooled us twice, shame on us John Moses Interview march 2001 Front and Back Covers of John Sherman's guidebook 1st Edition Matt Wilder's 2004 guidebook front cover KTSM Television Story November 1992 Climbing #126 Regional Roundup article Climbing #132 regional Wrap Up Rock & Ice #53 article by Steve Crye Mike Head's account of the climb Mike Head's account of Sea of Holes, other solos Tom Cosgrif's beer-fueled solo of Sea of Holes, 1989 Asylum early history