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We now realize that David Riskind of the TPWD was probably also blind-sided by David Ing and Andrew Sansom. In any event, the EPCC was was fooled by the TPWD's deception. This "leak" proves that the TPWD intended all along to heavily restrict access to Hueco, and the pretense of "public input" was just a diversionary tactic - one that worked brilliantly. The following is a meeting notice to EPCC members, prompted by some intercepted communications from the TPWD.

Notice to all EPCC members and concerned climbers!

I suggest you come to the Meeting on April 8, 1997, 6:30pm,at Jaxon's on Airway.

Dave Head will discuss pending legislation regarding Hueco.

Also, be aware the forces of evil are out there ... read on ....

Warning: read this entire document before freaking out----------

-Forwarded: from Fred Nakovic…

Our "friends" at Hueco Tanks are up to it again. This was intercepted by a
student studying something else about the State. Apparently the plan was to
sneak this thru and implement this sometime in the spring... TAKE ACTION!!!!

Excerpt from the Hueco Tanks SHP Management Plan 01/31/97:

SPECIAL PROPOSAL: As an integral part of the zoned management of the park, the regional resource specialists propose to close to unrestricted public access,
all of Hueco Tanks State Historical Park, with the exception of North Mountain
and the park's public facilities (picnic sites, restrooms, campground, etc.).

Climbing and bouldering will continue to be allowed to established and approved
routes on North Mountain only. Climbing and bouldering will not be allowed on
sites previously closed to protect their rock art panels or their aesthetic
settings. Public access to the remainder of the park will be via an established
and hardened trail system and will be available only through guided tours
sanctioned by the park manager. Access to East Mountain from the campground
will not be allowed.

This action is seen as the only viable way of providing long-term protection to the majority of the rock are, to allow stabilization of massive erosional features which are threatening the existence of the remaining archeological deposits as well as physical access to some areas such as the intermountain basin, and to allow park staff and volunteers an opportunity to provide quality educational experiences to the visiting public. In effect, the specialists are proposing that the park be operated as an outdoor museum dedicated to the preservation of invaluable cultural resources, rather than as a recreational park in direct conflict with resource preservation goals.

Best Regards,

Fred Nakovic

--------------------------------- next tidbit ---------------------------------

The world as we know it apparently isn't coming to an end yet...

Original text

From: David Riskind <>, on 2/27/97 4:17 PM:
To:   ,


The version of the Resources plan that got out is a draft, internal
document, and it does not represent an operational plan for the park. It
was the draft SUGGESTION from the regional resource staff as a suggested
approach to addressing some of their resource concerns.

I find it most amusing that the version that is floating around is more
recent than the DRAFT I have in hand and am just now reviewing, along with
several other colleagues.

In fact, we discussed several approaches to management of Hueco Tanks with
park and regional staff@ Hueco  on the 12, and among other things
dismissed the suggested draft approach. We intend to have an amended DRAFT of the resources plan by early summer.

Based upon the Resources plan there will be a general management  (read
operational) plan for the park that will be proposed for implementation.
I strongly suspect at this point there will be some public forum(s) and
opportunity to comment.

So,  my suggestion is to make your concerns known as I suggested to you
yesterday afternoon and as I have always encouraged you to do.
I suppose how you choose to react to the staff level working  document is
your call.  Personally, I'd advise waiting until the resource plan is

I for one plan to contribute to the draft document and make certain that it
is a  good resource document that will  describe the importance of the park resources and prescribe appropriate stewardship measures for the staff to implement.  I hope that Hueco Tanks State Historical Park will benefit.

So long as the working draft is out there, note that the authors are
Bryant, Kelly and J. David Ing.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
  D. H. Riskind
  Texas Parks & Wildlife Department
   Natural Resource Program
    4200 Smith School Rd.
    Austin, TX 78744
   512 389 4897/FAX 4495