Brain Iac WLOL July 2006
What's Left Of Less, July 2006

Unknown climber on Right El Murray, Mushroom Boulder 1.8.05
El Murray, Jan 2005

Rob Rice Sea of Holes 12.10.2005
Rob RIce Sea of Holes 12.10.2005

James Robertson drifts casually up the boulder
Jamey in Flight on Crap Arete 11.12.00

Jewell Crye 5.13.06
Jewell Crye , Gym, 5.13.06

Cochise Stronghold
Cochise Stronghold, AZ

Climber from Nacadoshes, Texas on All The Nasties

All the Nasties 3.16.2006

Indecent 2001

Indecent 2001

Greg Burns, Bimbo boulders 1996 (now off limits!)
Greg Burns, Bimbo Boulders 2.24.96

People are what is important

Mary Jo Hermansford
Local Flakes 1.26.001

Don Hardin,Bucket Roof ~1983

Don Hardin, Mushroom Boulder

Les Harmon, Pigs in Space 1985
Great Horned Owl Feb 2006
Great Horned Owl Feb 2006
Hueco II
"Discovering" Hueco II

Dave Parker Rock Rodeo 1996

Sea of Holds, 1992
Sea of Holds, ~1992

El Capitan, Guad Peak
El Capitan, Guadalupe Nat'l Park, 1999

The Citadel, Dec 2001
Organ Mountains, NM

Greg Burns RR 1996?

Rock Rodeo 1996

Rock Rodeo 1997

Duke Gracia, Uraih's Heep 1982
Duke, Uriah's Heap ~1982

Steve Crye in Ultrlight over east El Paso Farms 1985
Steve Crye in Advanced Aviation Cobra over east El Paso 1985

Andy Gale,Miracle Baby, ~1997

Brain Iac preps the Weed Pro
WeedPro 2000 Field Tests

Photoshop Art
Moon of Moab

$teve and Jewell Crye, Scarface Rock 1994

$teve and Jewell Crye, Scarface Rock 1994

Session 11.19.2000
Warm-Up boulder 11.19.2000

Mike Finlay on Windowpain 1996
Mike Finlay, WindowPain 1996

New Chataqua 11.26.00 
New Chataqua 2002

Steve on Twisted 1991
Twisted 1991

Granite Gap AZ
Granite Gap, NM
"Liberty Huecos"

By Chris Grohusko
Aurora p: Chris Grohusko 2001

Entrance Road 1996

1997 Rock Rodeo at Pete's

Hanny Robertson, Cody and Sativa 1997
Hanna Robertson, Cody and Sativa 1997

$teve Crye, Indecent Exposure 1982

Attention to Detail makes a difference! 
Attention to detail is essential Steve Crye 1977

Sugarloaf, Organ Mts, NM

"Rainbow", Jewell Crye 1996

Hale-Bopp, HuecoTanks, 4/97, 3 min Fuji 800 F4


Lynn Hill early 90's
Lynn Hill, Deliverance 1991

Acryllic by Steve Crye
acrylic in progress, Steve Crye

Jewell crye 2/2002
Jewell Crye Feb 2002

The World is Our Home
"The World Is Our Home"
Jewell Crye 2001

Harry Barns - My Hero!
Harry Barnes !

Fox Head, 1996

North Mountain pool

North Mountain Jan 2001

Northern Suburbs, City of Rocks NM

"Map", Jewell Crye 1996

Sunset at Hueco from James Robertson's property, 1997
Dona Anna boulders
Dona Anna Mtns, NM

James and Hanna Robertson 1997

USGS photo of City of Rocks
City of Rocks, NM

Andy Gale, Nobody Here Gets Out Alive, North Mountain

On Dragonfly, p: Matt Wendling

United We Stand (up)
United We Stand (up)
Gods Bless America - Shiva!
Gods Bless America
Gods Bless America - Tlaloc!
Gods Bless America

Extreme TowBoat driving
Extreme Towboating

Brain, crime Nov 2001

'70's alpine wandering

View North from Gym area
View NW from Gym area, 1996

El Capitan, Guad Peak
El Capitan, Guadalupe Nat'l Park 1999

Mike Lewis, Greg Burns, Fred Nakovic three-star arete
Mike Lewis, Greg Burns, Fred Nakovic 2.24.96 3*Arete