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Central Texas Climbing Committe & Enchanted Rock Info

"Fixed Anchor Update" for Enchanted Rock

Open Letter from Larry Kruse

Majority Response to Larry Kruse' Open Letter

----- The "official" Granite Gripper 2000 results information ----

The 9th annual Granite Gripper had 107 registered competitors in 8 divisions. The following represents the list of award recipients and their respective scores.
Although the Bouldering Exhibition was not run as a contest this year, there were 30 participants in this event, which organizers feel demonstrate enough interest to warrant including this as a competitive event for next year's Granite Gripper.

Congratulations to the competitors listed below, and a heartfelt "Thank You!!!" to all of the competitors who came out and supported this year's event benefiting the Central Texas Climbing Committee and Enchanted Rock State Natural Area.

Men's Expert:
1st - Scott Steiner with 89 points (Climbed two 20 point routes) 2nd - Austin Wallace with 89 points (Climbed one 20 point route) 3rd - John Myrick with 83 points
Women's Expert:
1st - Brittany Griffith with 83 points
Men's Advanced:

1st - Shane Sooter with 74 points 2nd - Barry Wilson with 68+ points 3rd - Matthew Pangborn with 60+ points Women's Advanced:
1st - Rebecca Steiner with 58 points
Men's Intermediate:
1st - Joseph Grubb with 74 points 2nd - Jason Kurtan with 57 points 3rd - Corey Fields with 56+ points 4th - Paul Johnson with 54++ points
Women's Intermediate:
1st - Fiona McCallum with 74 points 2nd - Jana Sooter with 71+ points 3rd(tie) - Gena Scurry with 66+ points 3rd(tie) - Anna Graybeal with 66+ points
Men's Novice:
1st - Trip Lucas with 53+++ points 2nd - Chad Rauthe with 50+ points 3rd - Dustin Gass with 42 points 4th - Lance Snyder with 37 points
Women's Novice:
1st - Suzanne Priest with 44+ points 2nd - Sandra Lowe with 38+ points 3rd - Courtney Kruse with 37+ points