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Don Hardin Access Fund photo
Donny Hardin on What's Left of Les, Mushroom boulder. This is the classic reachy knee-lock problem on the north side of Mushroom, named after Les Harmon. Note the T-shirt from Huecool Designs - long since out of production. This ad appeared in the late 90's, but I think the photo was taken around 1994. - Don was a ranger for a couple of years at Hueco. He quickly grew tired of Bob and the TPWD in general, but for a while, the TPWD had a true HardMan on its staff. The great shot of Don on Center El Murray was poached from Sherman's "Texas Tall Tales" feature in the October 1989 Climbing.

Photo: John Sherman Climbing #116

Don Hardin Bucket Roof 1982
Donny Hardin on Bucket Roof, back in the good old days of the early 80s when it was still open. For many of us, Bucket roof was the first time it was forcibly demonstrated that rock climbing was more than just going up steep walls. I'm glad I was able to experience the "no hands rest" before this fabulous climb was stamped Verboten.


Want some Cowboy Coffee?
Donny Hardin, Canyonlands 2005


I want a refund for that haircut ...
Bad Hair Month, 2005