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Hueco Climbing History Contest is offering a prize of $100.00 for documented proof of climbing at Hueco that occurred 50 or more years ago. Documenting historical climbing at Hueco is essential for establishing climbing as a protected activity at Hueco. More than one prize can be awarded if the historical climbing events are unrelated, for example separate visits by different climbers who did not know each other.

For purposes of the contest, we are defining climbing to be:

* Bouldering at the V1 level or higher on problems at least as tall as the closed climbs on Mushroom boulder

* Roped or free solo ascents of 5th class frontside (or other) routes at least as difficult as The Hourglass

"Documented Proof" is slippery thing. Winners must provide at a minimum:

* Newspaper or magazine articles dated more than 50 years ago that name the climbers and describe the climbs in enough detail to identify what was climbed, or

* Slide or print photographs with developer time stamps or other content in the photo that can be used to positively place the photo as at least 50 years old

In the absence of the above, multiple eyewitness accounts from reliable sources will be taken into serious consideration.

For more information on the contest and the submission process, please contact us via email.