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Video archaeology yields proof of aboriginal bouldering in previous century.
Rare footage of a young warrior of the Lycra tribe undergoing a rite of bouldering passage.
Albert Jimenez solos Wyoming Cowgirl ~1992 
Note the use of the pinkie-lock. After he sticks the lock, he looks relieved - but a few moves later, his left foot slips and he nearly comes off from about 15 feet up. Wyoming Cow Girl on End Loop boulder is a classic frontside climb that has been "led" (the pro is sparse and tricky - might as well be soloing). It is about 30 feet tall and rated 5.12. Normally done on toprope, but in the pre-PURP days CowGirl was a coveted tick during the waves of soloing madness that would periodically sweep through the park. Over the years, several broken ankles and legs have resulted from underestimating the incredible pump that CowGirl can induce.
Albert Jimenez solos Wyoming Cowgirl (5.12) on End Loop ~ spring 1992 
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Rock Rodeo 2006
Sam Davis sends The Eternal Darkeness of the American Mind               Isabella Ritsch send Mexican Chicken
   Sam Davis, other Mutants                           Isabella Ritsch doesn't choke
  session on Eternal Darkness                           on the Mexican Chicken
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Rock Rodeo 2003
Andrew Gross Echstien Rock Rodeo 2003 Rock Rodeo 2003 Andrew Traylor Echstein Rock Rodeo 2003 Rock Rodeo 2003
           Andrew Gross                               East Spur Maze                 Andrew Traylor 1st attempt         Winners revel in victory
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Rock Rodeo 2003
     Clayton powers through
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Rock Rodeo 1992
Don Hardin Center El Murray 1992

Don "HardMan" Hardin cranks Center El Murray
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Various Sillyness
Don't try this at home KTSM Television November 1992 Hueco Closure
 Tyrolean to Warm-up Boulder      KTSM Television Nov 1992      
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