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Climbing History Timeline

The Hueco Tanks Climbing History Timeline is a work in progress. Our primary goal is accuracy and completeness. As time goes on, we are noticing an increasing amount of confusion in the climbing community and the general press about what really happened, not only during the early days, but also since 1997. The timeline is based on over 30 years of personal experience at Hueco, interviews, research (for example, poring over back issues of Climbing and Rock and Ice) and, most importantly, your feedback. If you see anything that is inaccurate, incomplete, or, if you simply want to contribute information, please contact us!

The format of the timeline is a huge 20000x640 image map. As of 2.18.2006, it was about 1.6 MB, but it grows constantly. Please be patient while it loads, and be aware that it will not display properly on screens with resolutions less than 1024x768 (1152x864 or higher is better). Some of the events are clickable; eventually you will be able to drill down into each one for more information.

Hueco Tanks Climbing History Timeline