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Rare Archaeological video unearthed!
Rite of (bouldering) passage for young Lycra Tribe warrior confirms that Paso Americans climbed at Hueco in the previous century.
Albert Jimenez solo Wyoming Cowgirl ~1992
Albert Jimenez solos Wyoming Cowgirl (5.12) on End Loop ~ spring 1992
Windows Media QuickTime Rock Rodeo 1992
1992 Rock Rodeo + 91...93 clips

Don "HardMan" Hardin cranks Center El Murray. This 17 minute video contains priceless clips of the golden era of Hueco climbing.
Windows Media

Rock Rodeo 2006
Results (point totals)

Sam Davis sends The Eternal Darkeness of the American Mind
Sam Davis, Jason Kehl and other Mutants session on Eternal Darkness

Eternal Darkness Slide Show

Assorted Rock Rodeo Slides

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Hueco Climbing History Timeline
                                                              Hueco Climbing History Timeline

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Good Old Days View from the Porch- The Good Old Days Jewell's first - perhaps last - trip to Round Room Look but don't touch Pete's 1997! Pete's at the peak before the PUPP   1997 Rock Rodeo sponsored by the El Paso Climbers' Club. Mouse over for clickable regions.

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