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December 17, 2002
I finally was able to talk to Queta in early November, but the news was not good. Pete continues to have heart trouble, and the doctors have essentially thrown up their hands and told him that there is not much they can do. Queta is trying to keep the store open for the season, but she is taking things on a day-day basis. You can still camp, and she may have been able to stock some basic staples, but you should call first to get the latest. Her phone number is 915-857-5467. Any business you can send their way will be greatly appreciated!
March 15, 2002
It seems I spoke too soon when I said that the season at Pete's had peaked! I had forgotten about Spring Break. Last night (Friday) there was a lively crew at Pete's, a nice bonfire and the merriment to go along with it. The weather has been alternately windy/perfect, perhaps a touch too warm.

February 24, 2002
There are quite a few tents at Pete's and at the Hueco Rock Ranch. As we were leaving the Park, we saw some pad-people on foot walking out along the Entrance Road. They were climbers from L.A., and we gave them a ride back to the Hueco Rock Ranch. They needed a ride because they had to leave their brand new Toyota Tacoma truck at the 'Ranch. It seems that the Peace Officer would not allow a vehicle into the Park without a valid license plate (the brand new truck was lacking one), so they had to hoof it into the park. Welcome to Hueco, guys!

By the way, the Rock Ranch really is shaping up to be a nice, affordable place to stay while you climb at Hueco. It has different levels of amenities, a great view , it's quiet and off of the main road. Robert has put up two very nice slack wires, there are little rock-lined paths to all the campsites and other niceties. There is even TV!

The weather was great, about 65, dry, thin clouds but warm in the sun. We did some easy trad routes, working on moving faster over the rock, in anticipation of another try on End Game this summer, after the F#$%ing seasonal restriction on the Rockfellow Domes ends on June 30.

January 20, 2002
Pete's seems to be making a comeback! I saw at least 15 tents and 10 vehicles there today, and John reported that Pete was selling gordita plates for $5.00 on Friday.

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