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December 31, 2005
Optimal weather provided boulderers and tourists alike with the inspiration to send highballs. Several Virginians enjoyed the afternoon sun while picking the tasty fruit of the Melon Patch on Scary Boulder, while two GIs decided that ropes were spurious for an ascent of the Hourglass, a.k.a. "Death Canyon" - so named because many a tourist has been led astray by the easy lower sections only to regret it when faced with the polished 5.5 sections near the top. Here we see the two intrepid adventurers employing a questionable protoplasmic belay technique.

December 4, 2005
Aside from a chilly breeze and temps in the mid-50s, weather is back to optimum. The parking lots featured custom autos with license plates from over 20 different states. Boulderers' were warmed by late afternoon sun at Bleeding Brothers, and we were pleased to see some roped climbers on the upper pitch of Alice in Bananaland - something that (sadly) is becoming a rare sight at Hueco.


November 26, 2005
Friday's frontal passage was anything but mild and marked this season's transition from fall to winter. 65 knot gusts picked up anything not enjoying a bombproof anchor (such as some tents at the Hueco Rock Ranch) and sent it over the eastern horizon. At least one roof in El Paso was torn off, and a motor home on NM 404 (the route Las Crucan's take to Hueco) flipped and was totally destroyed. Temps on Sunday were 28F ... 45F.

November 20, 2005
Another day of unsurpassed clarity and dryness. So far, the weather this autumn is the best in many years. Another mild front blew through on Saturday with a bit of wind, but today was nearly calm, slightly chilly in the shade, but toasty in the sunlit south-facing areas.

Climbers are sighting plenty of wildlife this season - foxes and quail abound. North Mountain was "full" until about 2:00pm. Only boulderers enjoyed the rock today; sadly, no roped climbers were observed on the frontside routes, although there were some draws hanging from Cowboyography.


November 12, 2005
Perfect weather has descended on Hueco, and the Fall climbing season is in full swing. Visitation is reaching the 70 person limit for North Mountain by 10:00am on weekends, so plan to have a reservation unless you want to wait at the gate until mid-afternoon to get in.

On Friday, a mild front swept through, blowing out the last of the bugs and dropping temperatures into the 50F to 75F range. Climbers and hikers were treated to clear, dry air on Saturday.

Recent rains have filled the pond by the Ranch House, but all except the deepest huecos are empty. A duck-like waterfowl was spotted in the pond.

Rangers report finding two recent mountain lion kills at the Park; a half-eaten Rotwiller and a less-consumed German Shepard. They speculate that the lion is obtaining the dogs from nearby residences and bringing the prey back to the Tanks for consumption.


August 1, 2005
Wanda Olszewski is the new Site Superintendent at Hueco Tanks State Historic Site, effective August 1, 2005.

Prior to her promotion, Wanda was the Park Ranger IV / Interpreter at Hueco , responsible for the interpretive and guide training programs. She joined TPWD at Franklin Mountains State Park in 1996. Wanda replaces John Moses, who was promoted to Manager, El Paso State Parks Complex.

February 2005
Exemplifying how the Volunteer Guard training program does not always ensure the that the participants will do the right thing at Hueco , Park Rangers busted a volunteer guard, fresh from the 3-day November 2004 training. According to TPWD staff, the "bonehead" drove his new Chevy 4x4 past the chain near End Loop boulder, supposedly to take a guarded group to the south mountain via the dirt road that parallels the Dam. is still investigating the details. continues to maintain that morality comes from within, and can't be mandated by the State, no matter how hard the Bureaucrats try.

January 8, 2005
The snow is just a fading memory as perfect winter climbing weather smiles on Hueco. Winds calm to light, temps in the 50's and 60's. Climbers from all over the lower 48 enjoyed optimal conditions for working the problems on the north side of Mushroom Boulder. North Mountain is fully reserved from now until at least January 18.

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