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November 6 , 2003
Pete's seems to be closed. No tents or cars have been sighted at his place for over 5 months. He is unable to take any catering work and is no longer cooking on Sundays. We had hoped he could supply tamales for the November 8 Red Bull Rock Jam, but the most recent reports are that he had to decline.
September 28, 2003
We were unable to get into the park today. We did not have reservations and N. Mtn. was full. (BTW, even if a ranger or volunteer guard had been available for a "tour", that would not have interested us; we were there to do trad routes on the frontside). This was a great annoyance as it was the only weekend my partner was in town after being in AK and the northwest for nearly a year. I guess I'll just have to do what "only a moron would do" - reserve every weekend from October until April, even though I will end up not using over half the days. My cost to do this will be about $150.00 - well worth not being turned away at the gate. July 2003 
Peace Officer Hector Terrazas has left the TPW. Rumor has it that he is seeking (or has landed) a job with the Department of Homeland Security, perhaps in ALBQQ.

2003 Rock
Rodeo Results:

Mutant Men:
Andrew Traylor, 61960
Clayton Reagon 56749
Rob D`Anastasio 19420
Doug Ayers 17600
Matt Segal 16950
Mutant Women:
Emily Harrington 16900
Lisa Hathaway ??

Advanced Men:

Andrew Gross 50150
Sam Davis 45150
Bryce Klinikowski 44800
Jerry Reeve 43699
Charles Cundiff 37600
Advanced Women:
Tarris Webber 29970
Chikara Dablain 9980

Intermediate Men:
Trey Oliver 28000
Zach Allen 27950
Chris Carpenter 14930
Jeremy Ridge 11000

Intermediate Women:
Shannon Lee Smith 16960
Aimee Roseburrough 14980

Beginner Men:
Fremont Shields 17950
Sergio Juarez 14990
Sharin 7990
Hunter McGuirt 7390
Hollis Lawrence 6500

Beginner Women:
Marcela Miz 4500
Karla Fong 4480
Amanda White 4470
Claire Burrows 3750
Hollis Lawrence 6500

Guide Men:
1. Matt T Schohl 31630
2. Jeremy Bisher 20150

Guide Women:
Anna Burgos 31080
Claire Murphy 10200

February 24, 2003
Robert Rice has succeeded in convincing the TPWD to let him hold a bouldering comp at Hueco! This will be the first comp held since the PURP landed on us in 1998. Because of my injury on 10.20.02, I have not been out to the Park for months and have been out of touch. I was spurred to get off my ass tonight and update the website after I saw an article about the comp in a local El Paso alternative press paper. The info below was gleaned from that article and from the Hueco Rock Ranch website.

TPWD will relax the draconian restrictions a bit on the day of the contest (3.8.03). 200 "climbers" (i.e. contestants) will be allowed to enter along with 200 spectators, in addition to the normal 70 N. Mountain slots. Fees for contestants increase from $30.00 to $35.00 after 3.1.03. The money will be used to fund a party and prizes at the Hueco Rock Ranch after the comp.

Categories will range from beginner to mutant. Novices will have all day to try as many problems as they can and will be scored on the best six problems. Advanced and mutants will be required to do 10 to 15 problems in every zone and will be scored on their best three problems. Sandbaggers will be detected via a sophisticated system that combines spying with mathematics, and will be punished in a bizarre as-yet unnamed manner after the comp.

Difficulty Ranges:  Beginner  Intermediate  Advanced    Mutant
                Men      ...V0          ...V4             ...V8        ...V11
           Women      ...V0          ...V2             ...V5        ...V9

The term "Rock Rodeo" was invented by Fred Nakovic when the El Paso Climbers' Club organized the first comp in 1990, and was copyrighted by the club officers back then. Apparently permission was granted for the name to be used. One important point to remember as we go forward with comps each year - this year was NOT the "10th Annual Rock Rodeo" - that would have occurred in 1998, but never happened due to the PURP. So, instead of "annual", just identify the comp by the year it was held in. This year's was the 2003 Rock Rodeo.

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